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Lime Language Manual[edit]

A copy of the Lime Language Manual is incorporated into the Lime Development Toolkit and can be read via the Eclipse help system.

A separate PDF copy of the manual is provided via this link for your convenience.


Progamming in Lime[edit]

Lime encourages an incremental development path starting from Java:

  1. Prototype the program in Java,
  2. Add Lime constructs to express types and invariants which allow the compiler to generate Verilog for selected components,
  3. Deploy the program with a JVM and a Verilog simulator for performance tuning, and
  4. Synthesize a bitfile and deploy on an FPGA.

From here on, we assume the reader is familiar with Java. If you don't know Java, go learn Java and then come back. We'll wait.

Programmer's Guide[edit]

Click through the following links to walk though Lime samples which illustrate key language features. We recommend you visit these pages in order.

  1. HelloWorld
  2. Arrays
  3. Value Classes
  4. Tuples
  5. Generics
  6. Matchers
  7. Stateful Tasks