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The Liquid Metal system provides a high-level language and toolchain targeting heterogeneous systems which mix CPUs, GPUs, and FPGAs. Compared to traditional CPU systems, such heterogeneous systems can enable better performance, lower latency, lower power and energy, better compute density, and other benefits.

Liquid Metal centers on the Lime programming language with its compiler and runtime system, and an Eclipse- based integrated development environment. Lime extends Java with constructs to express parallelism, isolation, bounded types, and stream dataflow. A Lime program can run on any Java Virtual Machine, so the programmer can develop and debug on a standard workstation with no specialized hardware. The compiler can translate all Lime code to JVM bytecode, and can additionally compile a subset of the language to Verilog for execution on an FPGA or simulator.

See the Liquid Metal web page for lots of published information about the system.

About this Site[edit]

This web site provides information for users who want to get started playing with the Liquid Metal public release.

About the Alpha Release[edit]

This site contains information about our initial limited public release ("Alpha") of parts of the Liquid Metal system. At this time, we are making parts of the system available to a select user community for experimentation.

The Liquid Metal Alpha release supports

  • execution in software on a JVM,
  • HDL Code Generation for FPGAs, and
  • execution via a hardware simulator.

The Alpha release does not support execution on a GPU or other accelerators at this time. As distributed, the public release does not support driving vendor synthesis tools nor execution on a real FPGA board. Some material in the distribution is present to help users experiment with (a very limited number of) real boards based on what we test regularly. This material is not usable without vendor licenses and some additional instructions from us.

(Note: Remaining features are currently supported only for IBM internal users)

Contacting us[edit]

Questions? Comments? Bugs? Please let us know at the Liquid Metal Google Group .

The Liquid Metal Google Group is available to anyone to browse, but posting requires that you first register with the group. You may use any valid email account (that is yours) for this purpose, or, you may use your Google account if you have one and wish to use it. To sign up without a Google account, send an empty email to